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3 best Userguidng alternatives to onboard your software users

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With the implementation of product-led growth strategy in Software as a service(SaaS) businesses, software creators are trying different methods to increase the user’s self-awareness and service. Digital adoption is emerged associated with the product-led growth strategy. Product-led growth helps SaaS businesses to deliver the ultimate product experience without worrying more about product demos and conversion strategies.

When people started adopting product-led growth the industry demands proper digital adoption software to helps the users to do self-service onboarding. There are a few companies are in this digital adoption space, Userguiding is one of the well-known self-service digital adoption platforms. Userguding is a great digital adoption platform to deliver self-service, but that doesn’t mean that it is the best tool that fits your needs.

What is Userguiding?

If you are familiar, Userguiding is another SaaS product that helps you to create product walkthrough and tooltip navigations on web-based software. It includes features like tooltip navigation, checklist, and NPS. Userguding claims that you can help your users improve feature adoption and account activation with their tool. It also gives you simple analytical data as well

Best userguiding alternative to onboard

Userguding is built to deliver old-school feature adoption techniques like tooltip navigations, those are not enough to deliver the proper product experience to modern software users. Digital adoption is evolved and people are looking for sophisticated features, which are less complex and easy to deliver.

Userguiding Pricing
  • Userguding offers a 14-day free trial( With all features, no credit card required
  • Offers a basic plan- $82/month, billed annually with 2500 MAU
  • Professional plan- $333/Month billed annually, unto 20,000 MAU
  • Corporate plan- $ 583/month, billed annually with custom MAU
What makes userguiding complicated?

There are several companies are using their product, the website claims that they have 100+ brands using their product to build product walkthrough. There are several reasons why people using Userguding, and there are so many other reasons why people are searching for Userguiding alternative. Here are a few reasons

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  1. Difficult for non-technical people: Userguding is just another browser extension-based walkthrough software. It is very hard for nontechnical people to implement Userguding. It required additional support from their support team to build and integrate the walkthrough on your software. The value is biased, a product adoption platform itself required manual integration support is looks hard to digest.
  2. Limited self-service options: Digital adoption space is evolved a lot, if your user demands a more advanced self-service user onboarding option and you’re still using userguding as a solution, not is very hard for you to satisfy the user's needs. Modern software users demand more advanced features to deliver complete account activation.

  3. Limited analytical capability: This tool has very limited analytical ability, instead of showing the checklists, they don’t have any options to monitor the software user's progress. A proper self-service tool must deliver more analytical options to find account-based user strength and progress data.

Top 3 user guiding alternative

You may either familiar with a few points that make userguidng more complex. Now let’s find out some possible alternative products that you can try out to replace Userguiding. Here are the top 3 alternatives to Userguiding

1. Dashfrugal: Zero-code modern user onboarding solution

Dashfrugal is one of the best self-service user onboarding platforms built for software creators to manage user onboarding and in-app product training. With Dashfrugal, you can create multiple self-service options for your users, and the best alternative to Userguiding. Dashfrugal is a new-age digital adoption platform built for modern SaaS startups& medium to manage self-service user onboarding and in-app product training, Dashfrugal enables product-driven companies to empower their user onboarding and product training with modern digital adoption methods.

Best userguiding alternative. dashfrugal

With Dashfrugal, you can create self-service user onboarding methods like,

  1. Voice-guided product walkthrough
  2. Tooltip guided product walkthrough
  3. Contextual guidance walkthrough
  4. Real-time in-app onboarding support
  5. User onboarding progress monitor
  6. Examples and knowledge base widget

Dashfrugal delivers a unique approach in user onboarding, it ensures the user is reaching out to each and every section of your product and are able to adopt the features very easily. Tooltips are essential in user onboarding and self-service, but tooltips alone are not sufficient to manage the user's support needs. That’s why we build these features to help you to deliver sensational self-service options to your users. Compared to Userguding Dashfrigal have some unique features and it is easy to build the onboarding flow. Anyone without technical expertise can build the flow very easily, which makes Dashfrugal the best userguiding alternative.

Dashfrugal pricing
  • Dashfrugal offers a 14-day free trial( With all features, no credit card required
  • Startup plan: $69/month, With 2,500 MAU/Month
  • Scale up plan: $249/Mo, with 10,000 MAU/Month
  • Growth: $449/Month, with 20,000 MAU/Month

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2. Appcues- The interactive user onboarding tool.

Appcues is another well-known self-service user onboarding platform widely accepted for the user onboarding process. Appcues also offering tooltip walkthrough, checklist, and NPS score. Appcues is a great self-service onboarding tool, but that doesn’t mean that it could be a good choice for you. Appcues is one of the oldest digital adoption platforms, but it has its own limitations when scaling. Appcues allows you to build walkthrough with multiple templates they have

Best userguiding alternative to deliver customer success

  1. Good UX and UI: It user interface looks better, and the checklists are well designed
  2. Mid-sized digital adoption platform: It is not that cheap nor that expensive. It is being placed in the mid-market where both enterprises and medium businesses can afford it.
  3. Multiple elements: It offers multiple elements you can select to guide the users on your software
  1. Difficult to implement: Like userguiding, it also requires a deep technical understanding to play around with it.
  2. Limited self-service features: Appcues offers tooltip walkthrough, apart from this, it has not other modern self-service feature to increase the product experience.
  3. High price: Appcues is not economical for all the software providers to adopt.

Appcues pricing
  • Essential: $249/Month, Billed annually, with 2,500 MAU/Month
  • Growth: $879/Month, Billed annually, with 2,500 AMU, and 10 user license
  • Enterprise plan, with custom pricing and custom MAU

Intercom-The best customer support platform

Intercom is a widely accepted customer service and support tool built for businesses to support and delight users. Intercom is not a dedicated guided tour software, instead, they deliver support tools for websites and mobile apps.

Best userguiding alternative

  1. The brand name: The brand name of intercom is a dream for most the emerging businesses
  2. It is a supportive feature for the users: They have very clear persons to match, guided tours is one of their facility with very limited features
Intercom Product pricing
  • Starter plan: $59/Month plus $199 for the product tour feature/month
  • Growth plan: $119/Month plus $199 for the product tour feature/month
  • Accelerate plan: $449/month plus $199the product tour feature/month

There are a few other userguiding alternatives are available, but we have analyzed a few best selling alternatives. 

  • If you need not a replacement, but more advanced self-service Try Dashfrugal
  • If you have a strong tech team to implement try Appcues
  • If you are looking for a brand name instead of features try Intercom

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Choosing Dashfrugal over Userguiding means big savings and more convenience in your self-service user onboarding



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