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Why do early-stage SaaS companies need a strong user onboarding plan?

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Rahul V puttalath

What makes a user onboarding process the most beautiful thing in SaaS is, it is the best opportunity for you to showcase your product values to your group of audience. User. Onboarding is the phase where you can help your fresh users to teach, how to get started with your product. You can be so much proud, watching your users progressing within your app or software. Free trial is to be considered as the very first step to successful sales closure. If you managed to have a nice free trial period, by crafting a dedicated user onboarding method, your conversion and sales cycle could be more smooth.

Why a dedicated user onboarding plan is essential?

Most SaaS companies currently working based on recurring payment methods, which leads a user to set up a recurring payment for your software. Your free trial most often leads them to the subscription later. If you screw up your user during their free trial, without giving such a wonderful product journey, it is hard to convince them to pay month after month. A user will evaluate your offering with their very first experience, if it is poorly executed or a failure right from the beginning, it will get harder to convince the user. But if you are able to deliver it properly, a wonderful experience on the first load itself, things are fairly easy even though your product had some glitches. I can mention a set of dates that shows the importance of a user onboarding method in SaaS, before that the very first thing is, how your users using your software, values comes only when your users start using out properly, so the value is directly related to how to get started.

  1. Keeps first-time users engaged: Engaging the user with your software during their first load is very important to keep the long-term relationship with the user, if you are able to engage the user with your relevant features on the very first load is very important in SaaS. Whatever methods tool, you have used, helping the user to communicate with your features is most important. A dedicated user onboarding tool, helps the users to proactively adopt the features delivers the constant values during the product life cycle
  2. Improves your free trial conversion: Free trial is the best conversion strategy SaaS companies offering to software users, this is the decision-making phase, if you are able to deliver what you have offered trial to conversion is easy, without any doubt. What you need to deliver these values, keeping users engaged is the first step, once the user is engaged, next is telling them how to start using it. If your users are going in the opposite direction against your software process, a dedicated self-service onboarding tool can help the user to navigate in the right direction towards product success.
  3. Helps to avoid unnecessary churn to an extent: In SaaS part from organic churn, we can avoid a major part of user churn. The primary reason for the user churn is account inactivity post the free trial. Why this inactivity is, either the user point knows where they need to go, what they need to do. When you are implementing a solution to help the user to learn where they need to, and what they need to, the time to value that could be reached will result in less user churn.
  4. You will get a free marketing channel: Word of mouth publicity is zero cost marketing method you can try out to convert more users. A satisfied user will share their experience within a community could result in you’re getting more business. Use the free trial user onboarding also as a marketing method to drive more business.

How Dashfrugal helps you to fix this gap?

We know every SaaS company is unique in terms of the value it delivers and differs in terms of approach. There is no dedicated solution that offers one fit for many solutions when it comes to user onboarding. But there are some basic things every software user will expect when they get started with cloud-hosted software. To fulfill these expectations, you should have a proper user onboarding strategy. That should be a minimalistic design but should maximize the values.  Dashfrugal is a user-first self-service user onboarding tool, built for growth-stage SaaS providers to deliver exceptional user onboarding and product training assistance to their users.

Best userguiding alternative. dashfrugal

1. Design various in-app walkthroughs

Instead of setting up walkthroughs, which are unrealistic, we deliver value-centric walkthrough options to help your software users to progress within your app. Walkthrough and checklists are easy while seeing and using, but designing and implementing a proper walkthrough is a very hard job, walkthrough are essentially increase your software users experience, and is the best choice to deliver a great first-time product experience.  Most of the other walkthrough solutions concentrating on a single tooltip walkthrough, but here at Dashfrugal, we deliver a few other self-service user onboarding methods that boost the software user’s adherence to the product.

  1. Tooltip walkthrough with voice navigation: You can avoid the common trap of user inactivity during the free trial with an advanced tooltip walkthrough with voice navigation. Dashfrugal ensures more accuracy in user progress with our widget-based user onboarding interface. Our forms and checklists ensure your users are performing actions on their own.
  2. Contextual product walkthrough: Contextual walkthrough is another user guidance method to help the user proactively navigate with step-by-step instruction. Contextual guidance is sample scripts that simplify the overall product experience to a fresh free trial user.

2. Deliver onboarding support within the same platform

Each user has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, some users are capable of managing their product life cycle on their own without any support, but a few need some support in form of guidance while performing their product life cycle. All users are not super users, so you need a dedicated system to support your software users during their product journey. Installing live chat support is a few of the SaaS creators trying to, but instead of using traditional support systems during the first-time adopters, We introduced a real-time support system during the onboarding process, dedicated to first-time users. With this option, your software users can initiate a conversation with your customer success team very easily.

User onboarding is a continuous process, that needs a lot of attention. Keen to learn more in detail? We have a recorded product demo for you. Here is the link


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Do you use modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial.



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