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Strategies for effective SaaS marketing

Aswathy Krishnakumar


Marketing of SaaS products has always been a complex task mainly because marketing something intangible is difficult. It's a well-known fact that developing an appropriate marketing strategy for SaaS films isn't that easy. Being said this, many successful SaaS businesses have come up with different strategies and techniques that will help in acquiring more customers for their businesses. SaaS Marketing is the process of promoting the services that SaaS firms offer and it all about driving the right users to the firm who can use the software for a longer period. Unlike a one time purchase, SaaS service is something that the users will continue using based on a subscription model.

This is why SaaS marketing different. It requires continuous trial and error methods to bring in new strategies and improvise the services continuously. These strategies must help in attracting new leads for the firm while making sure that they remain in the business for a long time period.

In this blog, we will discuss a few successful strategies that successful SaaS Firms are using to acquire more customers and for promoting their businesses.


1. Creating Contents that engages the Users/Audience

Content marketing is one of the widely used marketing techniques by many famous brands. It has always helped the businesses to build their brand, attract more customers, and generate more leads to the business. By creating more content that are of interest to the audience, it will help firms in acquiring more customers. It is very much beneficial for SaaS firms because the marketing of SaaS services is quite a difficult task as when compared to other business that has tangible products. Creating content on topics related to recent trends or technology or focusing more on the features and values that the firm offers can help in generating more traffic to the website. Similarly hosting webinars on different topics related to the product is also a method which is adopted by firms to get more reach among the users.

For example, SaaS businesses like Intercom makes use of various content marketing strategies that focuses on marketing, product management, design, etc. They have been known for their customer communication platform and quality of Podcasts and books .

Similarly, Mc Donald’s Canada introduced the challenge of answering the customer's questions. Answering all the customer's questions have helped them in building strong relationships with them.


Dashfrugal saas marketing 2


2. Offering Free Product Trials

Boosting customer retention by providing a free trial for certain days is something that exists exclusively with SaaS businesses. This can serve as a huge benefit for the firm because it will attract more leads.

For example, Here how Dashfrugal's home page looks like:


Dashfrugal blog marketing


Here, users can test-drive a product without actually using or subscribing to it by paying. It will help the users in estimating whether the product or software is best for their requirements. The idea is to demonstrate the values and features that software is offering cost-effectively. Once the trial period is over, users can either continue availing of the services by subscribing to it or they can look for other alternatives if their goals are different. Offering support through emails or in-app messaging even during the Trial period can help in attracting more users.

3. Encouraging customers to use the product/Software

Acquiring new users is much easier when compared to getting them to actually make use of the product. A vast majority of users just sign up for new software and later, they might just stop to explore or use it. This could either be because they are unable to find the exact values that a product is offering or it's just that they might have lost the interest.

Businesses must find ways to encourage customers to use a product. This can be done by offering personalized support or guidance through emails or keeping them updated about any new features or updates in the product. This can also include sending in-app canned messages to users who have been inactive for a few days.

Here is an example:

Dashfrugal blog marketing


Dashfrugal has the option of sending canned messages/customized messages to users who are online during a certain time which is basically meant to offer support for users during their entire onboarding journey. When users feel that there is a possibility of getting real-time support and in-app guidance it will motivate them to be more active. After all, getting more users for the business is the ultimate aim of every organization.

4. Making use of Referral Program

Most of the businesses have made use of this technique of offering referrals to users. It can help attract more leads for a business. Many researches have shown how referrals can help a business in getting more leads. It is one of the economical methods as well.Showcasing the benefits that users will get by making use of the Referral program should be highlighted. It will help the users to know why they should make use of this program

Following is an example of Dashfrugal Referral Program.


Dashfrugal marketing blog19-1

Here, for every 5 friends a user refers ,they can get 1-month free usage. Similarly, for every 20 friends, they can get a 6-month free usage.

Referrals are a viable marketing option that can help the businesses in attracting more users and this strategy helps SaaS firms in attracting more leads.


Developing the right strategy that will suit an entity is very crucial for any business. When it comes to SaaS businesses, the core factors that should be considered are customer acquisition and Retention.

Therefore, the right choice of strategy depending upon the entity's goal should be deployed .With continuous efforts and improvements in these strategies, it will be easier to retain the users for a continuous time period.

Softwares like Dashfrugal enable software providers to create an easy and effective in-app walkthrough and product training which is more value-focused, which creates a great first impression within the user and that gradually improves the user retention rate. 


Do you use a modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial.



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