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Relevancy of product knowledge in enterprise SaaS sales

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A handbook to build a winning SaaS sales strategy with digital in-app product training


Todays’s users are highly sensitive, they are digitally connected and active in all social media platforms. Before getting into a software sales or even trying a trial version they may go through the solution providers website multiple time, they read the reviews available on multiple websites and they will discuss with their peers before taking any decisions, these all happen before they speak to your sales team. Even during or post every sales call, reps give some time for the users to clarify their concerns, most of the users today prepared with some difficult questions if they could not find the response on the software provider’s website. Most of the sales reps are approaching the ideal customers with limited product t knowledge this usually ends the sales meeting less fruitful. Salespersons are the final choice of clarifying product concerns for new-age software users before going to the support team.

I will discuss the same with the tech team and will revert you soon. Is that okay?


This is a general response software salespersons used to say to the end-users during or posts the sales calls, this creates less impressed with the user very first time. The first touch experience is crucial factor that controls new-age software users purchase decision

See how product knowledge and product training solutions helping software providers to increase the sales

Benefits of detailed product understanding

Sales teams are the first touch post to every user before they are thinking about purchasing the product, and sales reps are the first layer, most of the users have some detailed understanding about the solution they want to purchase, so their most questions may be related to product features, customizing that according to users requirement and how to get started with it, so sales reps need to describe/ demonstrate the software they are selling to the user in details, for this detailed product understanding is very important, it the important tool to close the sales deals. Here are a few of the benefits if detailed product understanding




1. Able to speak up with confidence

There are few factors that decide the success of a sales call, salespersons confidence is an important factor that decides the successful sales. A sales process generally starts with a sales call/chat with a concerned person on the software provider's side. To speak to the users with the confidence required details product knowledge, new-age users prefer the response as soon as possible. Even it is the first layer of discussion the user may curious to know how this product is going to address their problems or what values this software is providing, they also have concerns like what are the technical knowledge/ requirements need to possess to start using this product. Similarly are more cuprous to know how this product can fit their existing system how they could integrate this to their current work flow.. so on

2. Increases trust on the user side

Trust is a very important factor in every sale not only in SaaS, when it comes to software sales trust is building when the user believes this software can deliver the desired values and the team should support them whenever they need assistance. It is very difficult to rebuild trust once it is lost. The detailed product knowledge with the salesperson can help the user to clarify their concerns and the salesperson should make users believe that buying this will help to get the values. Nowadays software users giving equal importance to trust and product values.

3. Help the user to take the decisions fast

One of the reasons new-age software users are doing research on your product is that they know there are 10 other possible alternatives to this product, even the solution provider not admit the competition. There are very less differentiating factors between these competitors so 

It is always very important that telling the users why they need to use their product than using their competitors and what they can achieve by using it. Better product knowledge of salespersons will always help the user to make the decision fast, it gradually helps the software providers to reduce the purchase cycle, soon they can close sales and start delivering the values. 


The sales training methods

There are traditional method most software providers trying for years, here we are discussing the best methods new-age sales peoples and software providers preferring. 

What do you think, which is the best method to provide product training to sales peoples, we are comparing 3 different methods software providers trying in sales team training


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We have a 72:20:8 formula, software sales are expensive and highly competitive, most of the sales reps are working with a clear milestone and target, achieving this is prime importance. Product knowledge is very important for this, there are different methods to make the sales reps proficient in any software. New age sales persons prefer to go ahead with an on the job product training which means learning things by doing, 72% sales peoples believe they want a better solution to do a self-learning during their job, 20% believes existing documents, training materials are sufficient to complete their sales training. And the remaining 8% believe they need a classroom or one to one product training to deliver an effective sales process. Delivering on the job or self-learning is the most convenient and cost-effective method for software companies as well, within increased competition saving every bit of unwanted spending is important. But it is very important that companies should ensure their sales teams is learning things properly because their sales reps knowledge determines their entire sales process.

In-app training: The method in on the job sales training

As said earlier most of the modern sales reps preferring one the job product training, or self onboarding, generally product training occurs along with the employee training during the increased training expense software providers are preferring in-app product training, a digital onboarding and product training solution, that can ensure the product training is occurring properly and the sales reps who are using this method is getting the exact result.

Digital in-app training helps software providers to set required sales training to the specific salesperson, if they have multiple products or products to sell as per user requirement, accordingly they can decide their sales team product training. One of the core differentiating feature of in-app product training with traditional training methods is effective in delivering the knowledge.


Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 12.48.34 PM


Here is an user interface where the sales teams can do their self onboarding or product training, based on the goals and sales milestone the sales managers can create the tasks and training modules sales team need to complete the overall product training. Within this training, the sales managers can define the overall product training into sets and subsets and the training flown be more creative using images, videos or real-life examples. This ell designed user interface will create a positivity in employee side that they ahem adequate training facility is entrusted with their self training portal. 


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And it is very important to note that digital in-app training will allow the sales team to learn things by breaking into most urgent, relevant, and less important, that will help them to organize the way they need go ahead with the product training. Creating the product training in form of digital training will increase the adoption rate, traditional methods like reading manuals or watching videos may create a lot of delay in the sales team’s adoption rate that affects the team's sales result as well.


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Digital in-app training and onboarding enable software providers or sales managers to analyze the overall sales training program adoption rate. It is so easy to measure output and progress of employee training with the digital onboarding platforms, using these sales managers can set the goals Duncan decides when the salesperson needs to finis the individual product training. 


Softwares like Dashfrugal enable software providers to create an easy and effective in-app walkthrough and product training which is more value-focused, which creates a great first impression within the user and that gradually improves the user retention rate. 


Do you use a modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial




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