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How to determine the price of user onboarding in modern SaaS business

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Effective user onboarding is crucial for a better customer experience, as it is the turning g point in between user retention and user churn. If your software users haven’t had a good first-time experience most likely they will not use the platform thereafter. The first few days of a software user cycle is very crucial, most of the time an unsatisfied customer could create a lot of uncertainties with other users as well. An effective user onboarding strategy helps you to build a strong relationship with the user by addressing their issues, solving them, and by helping to attain the proposed values early.

But what will happen if there is no consistency in user onboarding and product training? Where you are switching from one method to another, that you are subsequently using online product demo and setting up in-app user onboarding! Most of the time poorly structured user onboarding can use losing trust with the user that ends up with user churn. Setting up a structured user onboarding is not a simple process, it requires a clear vision and planning because the user onboarding process determines whether the user will retaining or not. The first step towards this is evaluating a user onboarding strategy that aligns your software and implementing the same.

We know user onboarding is very important and it is a costly process. Because sometimes the onboarding process can be successful and the user will retain for long, but there are chances for users are completing the user onboarding process and not retaining due to various reasons.

Here are a few factors that determine the cost of your user onboarding process

1. What tool you are using to onboard users

One of the key factors that determine the cost of your user onboarding oil the tool you have chosen to onboard and to deliver product training to your software’s free trial users. Most of your trial signup is fresh signup and very new to your software. Perhaps your onboarding tool must be adequate to meet their early expectations. There were a number of user onboarding methods are available that vary from the one to one product demo, onboarding, and product demo via remote onboarding tools like Zoom call, Google meet, and there are solutions like that makes your software users self onboard within your software.

If you prefer to manage your user onboarding and to deliver product training via remote meeting tools you may require multiple software licenses to manage the demo sessions to your users. Even though it is costly and time-consuming it may help you to deliver a real-time product introduction to the users. But if you prefer to manage the first layer of user onboarding via onboarding methods like in-app training or guided tours it is easy to manage multiple onboarding sessions at a time without spending a lot of time. Most modern software users prefer to learn by doing, if your users prefer to do so, self onboarding tools would be the best choice. Your user onboarding cost varies severally based on the tool or methods you have opted to manage the user onboarding. Where more people went remotely and software e users prefer to manage the onboarding more in self onboarding way digital user onboarding could be the best choice, or still your user

2. How much time you are spending to deliver product training

Another factor that determines the price of user onboarding is how many times you or your sales teams spending to onboard and deliver product training to each user. It could otherwise say as user conversion time. This factor is more aligned to the onboarding and training methods like one to one product training via remote meeting tools, normally a manuals user-product demo( training time) varies based on the features or the user onboarding steps your software had. It varies from 30 minutes to 60 minutes every single session and you. May require multiple sessions to an onboard a single user. Likewise, if you have to manage multiple user onboarding per day you may have to spend along time, and your sales team’s per hour salary decides the cost that involves the type of user onboarding and training.

3. Does users following the defined onboarding format

Another crucial factor that’d excised the user onboarding cost is, whether the user is adopting the defined user onboarding steps. That means you may have well-written steps on how your users need to act within your software to get the proposed values, and sometimes the user may vary from this method may be due to lack of knowledge or lack of assistance. Leads the user in the wrong direction and that will spot the whole effort you have put on that particular user. So it is important to define your user onboarding steps even before your first user onboarding and sticking to this.

Importance of digital user onboarding tool- A methods to reduce user onboarding cost

Digital in-app product training is the most advanced user onboarding and product training method modern SaaS companies can adopt to deliver effective product training to their software users. Digital product training is the in-app implementation method that creates a lot of user engagement, most users like to learn things by doing, the only intention of any kind of onboarding or training method is assisting the user to complete a self onboarding aka training.

Digital in-app product training software generally helps end-user to learn more about the overall training journey they need to go through this enables them to plan the whole onboarding time they need to spend. Digital in-app training software like Dashfrugal allows the software provider to subdivide the whole onboarding into tasks and sub-tasks. Comparing to tooltip product tours digital in-app training enhances user confidence to complete the process within a very limited time. Digital in-app training acts like a knowledge base where the users can access anytime to learn things it includes the option of setting up tutorial lessons, step-by-step integration process, guidance videos, etc. that enhance the user activity with the application.


Softwares like Dashfrugal enable software providers to create an easy and effective in-app walkthrough and product training which is more value-focused, which creates a great first impression within the user and that gradually improves the user retention rate. 


Do you use a modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial.

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