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Importance of widget based user onboarding tool

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Here we are discussing the importance of widget-based user onboarding tools in modern SaaS user onboarding. Most of the SaaS companies are much familiar with the traditional checklist-based user onboarding and product training tool, often I get a question from users that, what are the differences and benefits of widget-based user onboarding tool comparing to checklist based ones

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What is widget-based user onboarding?

Widget-based user onboarding is the modern method where all the user onboarding and product training initiates from the widget

Importance of widget-based user onboarding tool

Unlike traditional guide tours, it ensures a platform for the software end-users to drive the onboarding activities that increase the feature adoption rate. Most often setting up user onboarding ends up with navigations and redirects, that are complex to install and create less impact usually.

Why checklists are not sufficient in user onboarding?

Even though the checklist is beneficial, that is not sufficient in modern software onboarding Checklists that are associated with guided tours are single time, but not comprehensive

Here are the few benefits of the widget-based user onboarding tool

1. Restructuring existing onboarding methods

Helps businesses to execute various user onboarding/training methods like a tooltip, contextual guidance, examples, etc. Traditional checklist-based user onboarding tools are only capable to deliver the first layer of user onboarding and product training assistance only. Apart from guiding modern software users preferred to have a detailed onboarding assistance

2. Easy to deliver support within the widget

With a widget-based onboarding tool, you can support users in real-time during onboarding. When you use a checklist only. Onboarding method, that has very limited option to deliver properly in-app support, most case software provider need to input another third-party application to support the user. When you use a widget-based user onboarding tool, it ensures the possibility of delivering support within the widget

3. Helps to tracks user progress continuously

Delivering more accuracy in user footstep. Gives a detailed analysis on user progress within the app, traditional checklists are only capable to track and report the first layer of onboarding analysis, At the same time widget-based onboarding tool gives detailed insight on each step the user progressing within the software.

Would you like to learn more about widget-based user onboarding tool, and how it enhances the feature adoption rate in modern SaaS business?


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