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Why B2B companies need to invest in onboarding to win the customers

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Rahul V puttalath

B2B, especially the SaaS business evolved a lot in the last few years. In a modern customer-centric market, the user’s experience is an interest to be considered with topmost priority. Not like other industries, convincing a user and closing the deal is getting harder and harder. Modern software users will spend a lot of time even before settling into a SaaS product. The user onboarding process is to be considered as an integral part of modern SaaS and it demands that attention too. In this blog, we are pulling out some points that highlight the need for the effectiveness of user onboarding in modern SaaS business.

Why user onboarding is essential?

In most cases, a large portion of a SaaS companies resources dedicated to the first phase of the user journey, that means you allocate a lot of resources to deliver sales calls and meetings to convince the users to start using the product, you’ll get the initial momentum, what happens if you haven’t continued that momentum in the next phase, that means the user onboarding phase? Let’s discuss the importance of user onboarding and why it is essential.

  1. Helps to know your users very well
    Knowing users very well is the first step towards any successful relationship with them. Successful SaaS business relationships are built on understanding user's needs and satisfying them. Even before starting the very first process, you might understand the user's behavior and persona. Evaluate whether the user is a perfect fit. SaaS business is a long-term commitment, which built on trust. A user onboarding process is the first phase of a user journey and it clearly defines the user's attitude towards your brand.
  2. Understanding your user's needs
    A user may approach you for too many reasons, search engines and your marketing campaign attract a wide variety of users to your landing page. We cannot consider this large group entirely as our users, before getting started with any onboarding process all you need to understand is whether the user is looking for something that your software offers, or do they can solve a particular problem with your software. A structured user onboarding process helps you to understand the user’s needs clearly and to allocate your workforce to take the deal ahead.
  3. Destroying the entry barrier
    Once you have decided the user is a perfect fit or you can deliver the values that they are looking for, next is taking the user to the first phase of their product life cycle. In some cases, you may offer free trials, where the user can directly signup, or sometimes you may build a custom login to the user. In both cases, the entry barrier is unfamiliarity with the product. They are very new to your software, they need proper guidance, a self-service user onboarding process will help your users to destroy this entry barrier.

Now you know that what is next?

User onboarding is a continuous process, which means the overall onboarding process will last till the user are capable of using your most beautiful feature without any external interference. Having a clear performance in the first few days of a user’s product life cycle is very essential to build a lifetime relationship with the user.

  • Strategize your onboarding process

    Decide what method you want to implement to deliver the product experience to your users. It is your product, you are the creator so you’re the best person to define the best possible method to deliver the proper onboarding experience to your users. Product to product onboarding process may vary in SaaS, so do not select a method and try to fit that to your needs. It is better to do deep research before implementing a user onboarding process, revoking is a hard job. Sometimes you may not need any external onboarding process, as your software is very easy to use, sometimes you have a lot of customization that has to happen in that case you need a fully human-centric approach. But in most cases, SaaS is subjected to less customization, and a combination of self-service and the human-assisted method can deliver value easily.
  • Select a tool to onboard users

    You’re all set with your strategy, and decided how you need to deliver the onboarding process. Next is choosing a tool, if you have some complex features that require some detailed explanation considering choosing a third-party application to deliver product experience rather than building something on house. Building something your own is economical, but hard to maintain and requires a lot of initial investment. When choosing a tool to onboard users, you need to consider your onboard process, choosing a solution only due to the brand name will trap you and will end up with a lot of rework
  • Start delivering values and gaining the trust

    You are all set, you have decided the process and confirmed your tool to onboard the users, next is delivering the values earlier and gaining the user’s trust. Show some initial results even in their first days of the product life cycle and motivate them to achieve the entire result, this will help you to convert them to a long-term premium user.

How Dashfrugal can help?

Dashfrugal is a user-first self-service user onboarding tool, built for growth-stage SaaS providers to deliver exceptional user onboarding and product training assistance to their users. You can create the ultimate level of product experience for first-time software users.

The first day is very important for both the software user and the creator, it decides whether the user will stay or leave. Every software creator will get the first-day opportunity, no matter how hard the product is to learn, if we grab the user's attention and deliver the first-time experience, we can easily take the user to the next level of the onboarding process.

Best userguiding alternative. dashfrugal

  1. Start with a welcome video: The first impression is very very important in SaaS, if we redirected the user to a messy screen, with bad alignment and arrangement. The user will set a benchmark and evaluate the rest process with that, even though how wonderful the product is. Set up a personalized welcome video, and welcome the user with some quick product explanations.
  2. Guide the user with essential walkthrough: Walkthroughs are the best option to deliver the first-time product experience to the users. They are less likely familiar with your product, indicating essentials fields could boost their time to value ratio. There are different types of walkthroughs are available. With Dashfrugal, you can set up self-service walkthroughs like Voice guidance, tooltip walkthrough, and contextual walkthrough. All these methods are interconnected in Dashfrugal and help the user to adopt the features easily and instantly.
  3. Offer on-demand support: If you’re setting up your user onboarding process and the support at two different verticals, there is a chance for a delayed response to the users during the onboarding process. Admit,  most of the users are first-time with your product so the chance for confusion is also high. If you’re struggling to support your users during the onboarding process, Dashfrugal has real-time user onboarding support options, that are on-demand and completely based on the user's interests.
  4. Keep an eye on them when they progress:  When you deliver a self-service user onboarding for your SaaS, chances of dropping during the process is high, keep an eye on account-based user progress, understand their progress with checklists and the analytical tool to get section based progress on their account.

User onboarding is a continuous process, that needs a lot of attention. Keen to learn more in detail, We have a recorded product demo for you. Here is the recorded demo


Why B2B companies need to invest in user onboarding to win the customers Dashfrugal

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