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How to validate the success of your SaaS user onboarding strategy

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You have an amazing SaaS product, and you got a great set of people to signup for your software, Great work! The complication arises when the majority of your users signup for the free trial and never come back, they left forever. You may spend Aton of money to attract and engage them. The problem arises when you put them alone in your SaaS application and forcing the user to figure out things themselves. User onboarding is a process SaaS companies execute to help the users to get started with their product and that starts from the very first touchpoint with the user. SaaS companies are trying out different methods to onboard the users. In this blog, we are trying to explain, how to validate the success of your user onboarding strategy, whatever the methods you have used.

Why validating user onboarding success is important in SaaS?

We all are software or app-centric, we signup for software or downloaded an app, and used it for just 5 minutes and never came back. It honestly indicates that the software or app is not useful or not delivering any value. The main reason is the provider is delivered it very poorly and has not validated why the user is sign out and inactive for a long period. User onboarding is a long process, it is not being ended up when someone signup for your product and you have welcomed and screened them to the next phase.

People will signup for your SaaS for so many reasons, either they might look for an alternative to their existing software provider or they're keen to learn what problem does your software solves. A serious software user will be ready to try it out until they get the offered value. If most of the users are not reaching the goal, you may need to rethink your user onboarding strategy. Validating the user’s onboarding success will help you to detrain if there are any entry barriers for the user on your application or software, like something that creates uncertainties or lack of adequate onboarding data available, etc. Sometimes you need to rethink the way you are delivering values or you need to introduce a better way to help users to get started, validating the user's onboarding progress in regular intervals will help you to solve these hurdles.

3 ways to validate the success of your user onboarding process

It’s your software and it’s your business, When you are improving your product and onboarding process you may need to validate these onboarding successes with various parameters at various checkpoints. There are different methods to validate the success of your user onboarding process, here are 3 easy options every SaaS company can try out without investing so much time or effort.

  1. Check the account completion rate: The very finest method to validate the onboarding success is checking the user’s account completion rate. If a user is very serious or intended to try out your software, they are more likely to complete a certain percentage of the onboarding process. To analyze this, a better option is converting the overall steps to a percentage by using certain walkthrough software. With a walkthrough and checklist, you’ll get a detailed understanding of account-based user statistics very easily. You should associate a self-service tool with your onboarding process and insist the users manage their account activities through this self-service method. If a user reached 100% of the overall process we can confirm the user is completed all mentioned relevant fields in your software
  2. Measure the frequency of account login: Once you monitor the user account activity, and identified the serious and active. Software a user, you can find out the interval the user login to their account, there is still chance for the user to churn even after the user is completed the overall user onboarding process. Sometimes your software demands the user's login to the portal each day, but sometimes they only need to login in at an interval, correlate their activity with your defined process.
  3. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback: Feedbacks and reviews are another option to validate the success of your user onboarding process. A satisfied user will be more likely to give proper feedback regarding your user onboarding process. Likewise, the unsatisfied user will give you where they are being bought and what can be done to use the platform forever.  Different kinds of user onboarding collection methods are available for SaaS companies, it could be email feedback, social media feedback, etc.

How Dashfrugal helps our users to validate onboarding success?

The user onboarding process is a process that lasts from the moment users signup for your software and using it frequently without any assistance from your team. What it means is that the successful user onboarding process closely watches the user’s activity and ensures everything is going smooth and the user is using it without any such issues. A better user onboarding tool always posses an analytical capability that is necessary to understand the user’s activity whenever they are within your app or software.

Dashfrugal is a kind of self-service user onboarding tool, that build for the growth stage of SaaS companies to deliver a first-time product experience to the users. Dashfrugal delivers various walkthrough options to your software users when they log in to your software not only for the first time like other walkthrough systems but till the user are capable of managing things on their own. Our platform has also the unique capability to monitor the user’s activity within your app and has the option to analyze the onboarding success. Let us discuss a few capabilities we have to help you to validate the user’s onboarding success during their early days.

1. Watch the user’s footstep during onboarding

Determining the user’s onboarding success is clearly related to their activity with your software. With our real-time onboarding monitoring tool, you’ll get a clear idea of where the users are and what are all the activities that particular users completed on your application.

How to validate the success of your SaaS user onboarding strategy_dashfrugal

The activity log associated with Dashfrugal customer success manager portal shows the user’s footstep and, gives options to send triggered responses to keep the users active with the application.


2. Analyze account-based onboarding progress

Another option to validate the user onboarding success, os understanding the level of account completion. When you’re creating the walkthrough and guidance with Dashfrugal, we measure the overall process percentage-based. Whenever account-based users progress, you can monitor their level of account completion.

How to validate the success of your SaaS user onboarding strategy_Dashfrugal_

Our analytical data associated with the onboarding tool gives some basic but very useful data like their last login, percentage of account completion, etc.

3. Collects real-time feedback during onboarding

Feedback is another better option to validate the onboarding success of your software, there are different kinds of feedback options available methods like email feedback, video feedbacks that help you to understand the user feedback and will help you to improve your service.

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 12.57.46 PM

The easiest and best place to collect the user review and feedback is when they are within the app, in most cases you’ll get genuine and proper feedback from the user side. Email feedback may go unnoticed sometimes, but users are intuited to give you their feedback when they are in process of doing something on your product.


User onboarding is a continuous process, that needs a lot of attention. Keen to learn more in detail? We have a recorded product demo for you. Here is the link

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Do you use modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial.



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