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How to unlock digital transformation for your SaaS Businesses

Aswathy Krishnakumar

The rapid growth of various new technologies and the changing needs of the customers have forced almost all businesses to adapt to more digital solutions for their better performance. Digital Transformation is not only vital for the growth of any business but also contributes to better experiences for the Customers thereby fulfilling their needs. And when it comes to better customer experience, the first thing that comes into the picture is the term User Onboarding.

User Onboarding is that vital stage that sets a base for all the interactions that are expected between a user and a  product. The user onboarding process is very much important in guiding and educating the customers about the product thereby enabling them to adopt the product during their initial days. Gone are the days when user onboarding was considered to be a time consuming and costly process which forced the customers to go through many complex steps creating more friction. The advancement of technology and digital onboarding solutions have now made it easier for the users to understand a product in a more easier manner.

The ultimate aim of Digital Transformation comes down to giving excellent and uncompromised service to the Customers which will help them in having a seamless experience with the product throughout their journey. To provide this best experience to the users, the basic and the first interaction between the customer and the product/software should be an effective one, i.e. the User Onboarding. What does a perfect onboarding look like? Or what are the major qualities of an effective User Onboarding process? Before going into it, let's have a look at the meaning of Digital Transformation.

Simply put, Digital transformation is the adoption of technology to improvise or modify the existing product or features for any business, or by introducing something new in a way that provides maximum efficiency and additional results in the services for the customers. The sole idea of Digital transformation lies in eliminating all the unwanted processes or making things more frictionless,

When it comes to SaaS businesses, going digital is the only way to stay in the highly competitive market. Here are some of the most important benefits that the customers can experience in SaaS Onboarding with the help of Digital Transformation.

Easy access to Information

With the introduction of digital solutions, now it's much easier for customers to access any kind of information without having to depend on support agents or representatives. It has also benefitted them in eliminating any sort of  unwanted steps in getting their tasks done. The user Onboarding process was not so easy in the earlier days. But now options such as an in-built knowledge base, in-app support, tool-tip guided tour, etc. have made it easier for users to learn software thereby making their entire journey fruitful.

For example, software like Dashfrugal makes use of simplified and step-by-step instructions along with video examples for helping the users to onboard into any software thereby encouraging self-onboarding. The below image depicts the onboarding widget which portrays how easily the users can be on-boarded by making use of simple instructions.

Dashfrugal inforamtion

Helps in Providing Tailor-made services

Personalized services are what modern users are looking for. Digitalization helps in meeting the diverse needs of the customers. For example, a feature that might be useful for a customer might not be beneficial for a different user. Each customer is different and so are their needs, Digitalized products provide more room for offering personalized services to each of the users. For example, most of the e-commerce shopping websites provide recommendations or suggestions for the users based on their previous purchase making the customers feel more valuable.

Similarly, digital solutions also have helped Businesses in segmenting or categorizing customers based on certain criteria. Just like this, the User Onboarding process can also be personalized based on the different needs of the customers by adding more steps or by bringing modifications into the existing steps.

Helps in providing continuous value for the Users

Providing value to the customers at every stage is a crucial aspect of every business. And the User Onboarding process should enable the customers in reaching their desire values faster. Also, one of the most common mistakes made by businesses is considering the onboarding to be a one-time affair and leaving to check on the users once they are successfully onboarded.Digital adoption has provided various ways that now allow users to keep track of their onboarding journey thereby helping them to stay updated and engaged throughout the user cycle. For example, Dashfrugal helps in monitoring the user progress which will help users in keeping track of their progress and also helps in building the onboarding flow on a later date if a user decides to.


Dashfrugal values

In-app Messaging and Real-time support

In-app messaging or support is considered one of the most easiest and effective ways to deliver support to the customers because this method is accessible easily throughout the onboarding journey. Most of the time, customers would be interested in learning and understanding about a product all by themselves. Incorporating in-app messaging or support can encourage self-onboarding helping users to explore a product for a better understanding.Technological developments have now made it easier to bring in many ways to engage with the customer's motivating them to stay within the business for a longer period.


Final Thoughts…

Digital Transformation is a necessity for every business in the present days for remaining successful in the market. It helps businesses in growing faster thereby fulfilling the goals of the customers. For SaaS Businesses, the necessity to provide a great customer experience starts from the User Onboarding process, and digital transformation has helped businesses in introducing more automated processes which the new age customers are fond of. 

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