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How to replace your one-one sales demo with a self service demo

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If you are a SaaS startup or medium business, more and more free trials to premium conversion and business growth are your primary objective. You may desperately try to onboard more and more users, by driving them or by inviting them to use your product. Everything started with a free trial, most modern less coded SaaS products are intended to offer free trials, and they identified it as the easiest and cost-effective method to convert more to premium. Everyone needs value, your users need value from your product, you need value for what you are offering to the users. When people go value-centric, all that you can do to gain the trust and to retain them deliver the values that you have offered on the very first day of their product signup. Delivering values is not just giving the 100% on the first day, but it is more likely giving them confidence that using your product will help them to achieve something, this keeps them motivated to getting started and that buzz will remain forever in most cases.

A product demo is identified as the best option to keep the users engaged and motivated, it is a valuable opportunity to showcase your product’s features and to build a better relationship with the free trial users. Earlier sales demo is identified as the best methods to build a strong pipeline.

Why early-stage businesses should restrict sales demos?

You may have a different opinion on this, but I will explain why you should restrict sales/product demos to your free trial users. If you are a growth stage SaaS business looking to scale, by improving your revenue, not only the method to grow. Reduce the possible unwanted spendings will also help you to grow faster. If you are seeing higher demand for your SaaS product, and you hired a lot of sales reps to onboard users. People request product demos to know more about your product even before they signup for a free trial. Delivering product demos to each user to your free trial users itself seems costly and consumes a lot of time. There are fit and unfit users in your free trial, even before understanding the unfit users, spending hours to explain what your software does is actually a waste of time.

How to replace your one-one sales demo with a self service demo2

You may be designed your sales process in a way, people signup for a free trial, and you set up a one-one interaction with them. Imagine you are spending a minimum of 45-60 minutes on each sales demo and about 20% of it converted to premium users, you are more likely wasting a lot of time. Rather advising the user to signup for your free trial and helping them to manage their onboarding with a self-service method could help you to saves a lot of effort in your user onboarding. Let us discuss how to implement a self-service product demo to replace the one-one sales demo.

1. Remove "Ask demo" button from your landing page

A user life cycle when a user landed up to your website in either way, it might be inbound, or paid campaign whatever, take your “Ask demo” button away from your landing page, seems like weird? But not really, if you really want to make everything in your app and want to lead a product-led growth strategy, the very first thing is courageously to remove the ask demo, do not offer product demo even before the free trial. Make signing up for the free trial is the first step towards the product's success.  Invite your leads to directly signup for the free trial and let them get started first. 

When you have mentioned the “Ask demo” option on your landing page, people use it and book a slot with your sales team, in some cases people do it without such intentions and it kills your sales rep's time over the call. If you really want to deliver a one-one product demo make it post the user signup for the free trial.

2. Integrate a Self-service onboarding tool

The self-service product demo is the new normal in SaaS onboarding, as the name states it equip your prospects to drive a self-service product demo within your software, where your product will lead the role of a sales rep and it explains to the user how to get sated with your app or software. Product-led growth stagey is quite common nowadays. User onboarding and product training is correlated in SaaS. When onboarding a new user you simultaneously managing the product training. Where you replace a one-one product demo with a self-service user onboarding, you must have adequate support or product walkthrough options to keep users engaged, others you will lose a user.

How to replace your one-one sales demo with a self service demo1

Each product demo gives you an opportunity to convert a prospectus to a paid user, if went wrong you will lose a user, and that lost forever. A great self-service tool must be capable of guiding the user over your application. A self-service tool gives you the opportunity to automate the sales demo by assuring equal quality in each session, it helps you to saves your resources, your effort, and time to an extent. But a good self-servicer tool must consist of a few important features.

  1. Deliver walkthrough
    A guided walkthrough is the traditional method that provides a self-service experience by guiding the first-time users on your application with position-based guidance, it spots the user's important points by giving them nudes and popups. Tooltips associated with this will portion the important features that the user must travel to perform certain actions. Delivering a walkthrough will help the users to catch key actions and can perform tasks themselves. When they catch things their won, you are less likely to need to spend time to drive them to software values.
  2. Deliver sufficient contents in place
    Peoples come to your software with different challenges. Once the user signup for the free trial, you more likely redirect them to yours. Login portal, where users will spend time to set up an account and start doing their process. The very important point is to deliver more relevant content in this place to keep the user engaged. It must start from the initial welcome messages to the final account step. Once you decide to have a self-service method to onboard new users, you should build enough contents that engage and help the user to perform key actions themselves
  3. Support users whoever they need
    First thing, most of your users are first-time on your product, so they are unfamiliar with the process. There is a chance of making errors and that ends up with inactivity. Don’t worry, you can watch the users progress in real-time and can be ready to support them where they needed. An in-app support facility that can be available within your app, so they can utilize the support option whenever they feel uncomfortable toddling self-service.

When you are transforming digitally and managing a self-service user onboarding, as a growing business that will help you to cut the unwanted spending on the unfit user conversion. A self-service free trial will help you to eliminate unfit users. The first step towards the digital transformation to a self-service is designing a good user onboarding flow and integrating a good third-party self-service user onboarding tool.


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