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Cut Product Training Time by 70% - Dashfrugal for your User Onboarding

Aswathy Krishnakumar

Building a satisfied and contented customer base is the ultimate aim of every business, which is a task that can take months or years to achieve the desired result. And it is even more challenging for those organization/businesses, where there are no physical products to sell i.e. businesses that deal with services or digital products such as SaaS firms.

We know that the digital transformation has helped businesses to come up with various digitalized products or services that help modern customers in meeting their needs effectively. And one of the most perfect examples for digital transformation and growth is the SaaS business. The most important factor that determines the success of any SaaS firm is the time within which a user adopts a software, i.e. the time to value. Only if the customer can achieve their desired value in the shortest time, he will be willing to stay within the business for a longer period and this will happen only if a user has a better understanding of a product. For making the users experts in any software, proper training is a must. But, training each user individually is not practically possible since it is a costly and time-consuming process. That is where the importance of Customer Onboarding arises.

The Importance of Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is the process of educating and guiding the users within a product right from the time when they sign up for a product. It helps the users in understanding and familiarizing themselves with the various features that are offered by a product. It is important to design a well-organized customer onboarding processes for every SaaS firms because this step by step assistance will help users in adapting a software much more easily. Customer onboarding, if done right will help businesses in reducing or eliminating the lengthy product training time and costs.

Customer onboarding sets the base for all the future interaction that happens between a user and the product, and if this first impression does not attract the customer, there will be chances of more churn during the initial days. If the users are onboarded in the right manner, it will help them to learn and understand a product in a better way.

How to cut down the Product Training time?

Providing appropriate training and support to the users along with the onboarding process is necessary to make them experts. This will not only help customers in learning more but also will encourage them to continue using the service for a longer time. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to training the users, it is not practical to train every user individually, because it will require a lot of time and effort. Therefore it is necessary to look for something that helps the users to onboard any software along with providing them the much-needed support and training throughout their onboarding journey. That's exactly what Dashfrugal does, it helps the users to onboard into any software very easily along with providing in-app training thereby helping them to adopt the software feature quickly.

Here's how Dashfrugl helps in cutting the product Training time by Onboarding Users effectively.

1) Simplified User Onboarding Process

Onboarding the customers rightly and effectively is one of the most crucial aspects that every business must take care of. Dashfrugal onboarding process is designed in a very easy-to-understand manner that will help every user in learning and adopting software during their initial learning days. This will increase the feature adoption rate, ultimately motivating the users to say within a platform for a longer period. The onboarding process itself serves as a knowledge base that will guide every user in progressing through the onboarding journey without any friction This will help in eliminating the long product training time. Here is an example of the Dashfrugal onboarding widget.

product training 2.jpg

The onboarding widget is divided into 4 major tasks/steps each of which includes simplified step-by-step instructions, which helps users in creating the onboarding flow. Also, it shows the progress level of the users, helping to keep track of their onboarding journey. The major advantage here is that users get the freedom of self-onboarding or they can progress in the onboarding journey at their own pace with less hand-holding.

2. Real-time In-app Training and Support

In-app training is one of the easiest and economical ways of training methods. Dashfrugal onboarding process makes it easier by providing real-time in-app training and support. One of the most beneficial aspects of its in-app training is that the users can seek support during their learning process without having to exit from the software/product. Unlike the traditional options like live chat or email support, in-app training makes it easier for users to ask for help quite easily.

product training 3.jpg

Dashfrugal's digital onboarding assistant provides real-time in-app training that will help users in getting familiarized with any software with reduced product training time .Also, there are options for users to seek help from the support team along their onboarding journey. This will not only help them in getting the answers quickly but also reduces the support tickets and will reduce the product training time to a large extent

3. Guided Product Tour

A successful onboarding process is one that helps users in achieving their desired goals effectively in a short period. And every user wishes to reach their goals quickly and easily. User onboarding tools when combined with in-app training along with a guided product walkthrough can help users in attaining their goals faster. The tooltip guide tour and video guide tours are yet another most beneficial features that the Dashfrugal user onboarding tool provides.

product training 4.jpg


The tool-tip tour will help users by guiding them to navigate through the entire onboarding process. This can eliminate or reduce any kind of confusion that may arise in the minds of the users, while they are progressing in their journey. With the help of the tooltip-driven action, a user can easily build the onboarding flow as and when he is learning. Similarly, the video guided tour or video examples included in the widget will help users in making the learning process visually attractive thereby eliminating the need to  train each user separately.

4. Contextual Guidance

One of the most beneficial parts of contextual guidance is that users will receive all the information/help at the exact moment when they are in the middle of the learning process. Also, here the users will be more productive and engaged in the learning process because they have the privilege of seeking of information when faced with any doubt or confusion. Dashfrugal onboarding process provides contextual guidance to the users thereby making them productive in their learning process and helping them to master the product easily.

Final Thoughts...

Product Training is an inevitable part of every SaaS business that must be carried out very efficiently. And most of the time businesses end up spending a lot of time training the customers. By having a well-organized onboarding process, businesses can reduce this lengthy training time because onboarding tools are basically meant for guiding and educating the users about how a product works and about its features. is necessary for businesses to invest in building a perfect user onboarding process that helps users in attaining their goals easily.


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