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How to reduce Customer Churn in 4 Effective Ways

Aswathy Krishnakumar

Customer Churn rate is one of the most important factors that affect the growth of a business, especially B2B businesses as it has a direct impact in its profits. Customer Churn or attrition refers to the loss of customers that happens in a business due to reasons like poor customer service, lack of proper communication, ineffective onboarding processes, etc. Higher the customer churn rate, the chances for growth of a business will be affected very lesser.

Generally, it is said that it is far more difficult to acquire a new customer than retaining the existing ones. Therefore, reducing the customer churn is very crucial for the growth of every business. The ultimate aim for a business/organization is to provide great service for its customers. Here are 4 effective methods to reduce the customer attrition rate.

1.Provide Exceptional Onboarding

The first and the most steps to reduce customer churn is by creating an effective onboarding process that helps users in fulfilling their desired values easily. The customer onboarding process mainly focuses on providing basic training or knowledge about a product for its users. It is the first basic stage where a user gets to know about a product in detail, therefore ensuring that this interaction creates a great first impression in the minds of the customer is a must.

If a business is successful in providing a good customer experience right from the start, it can help in building long-lasting fruitful relationships with the customers. The user onboarding process is basically meant for educating and guiding the users about the product, but it must also focus on helping users in reaching their specific goals faster.

2. Fostering Proactive Communication with the Customers

Most of the time, organizations wait for the customers to reach out to them when faced with any issues. This should change and the focus should be more on proactive communication especially in the present days where users are accustomed to receiving better solutions quickly. It is necessary to analyze and understand how customers are making use of a product, whether they are progressing towards their goals and to reach out to them even before they approach the support teams with any issues.

Engaging with the users regularly by offering them support and by providing tips for the product usage will also help in reducing the customers' attrition rates. For boosting customer engagement, features like in-app training could be used as this will help in educating the customers about the product and its features while motivating them to increase the product usage. Also, implementing a proper and effective communication strategy is essential for keeping the users remain within the business for a long period.

3. Offering Excellent Customer support


Providing exceptional customer service is one of the main aspects which have an impact on customer churn. For creating a positive customer experience and for building a long-term relationship, a great customer support is a must. Businesses that make use of multiple support channels such as live chat, in-app messaging, etc. to interact and support the customers will be able to control the customer churn rates more easily.

Various researches have shown that one of the most common reasons for customer churn is poor customer support. Customers will always remember how they are being treated. Therefore by creating a good rapport with the customer’s, it will be beneficial for an entity helping them to increase the customer retention rate.

4. Asking for Feedbacks from Customers

Lastly, obtaining customer feedback will help in eliminating the customer churn. Nothing works as accurately as getting direct feedback from the customers itself. Asking for feedback will help in improving the services provided by a concern. Customers will feel valued if they feel that there's someone who regularly keeps a check on their satisfaction levels and acts on the feedback. Once the feedbacks and opinions from the customers are collected, it is important to ensure that these are properly taken care of. If not, and will result in more frustrated customers.

Final Thoughts...

Every business revolves around its customers. Businesses must understand the importance of providing their customers with top-notch customer service so that it will help in reducing the customer attrition rates thereby promoting its growth

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