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How to make your software users free trial onboarding more productive

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Following the launch of your SaaS business, you need your prospects to signup for the free trial and want to convert lots of free trials to premium. Despite the risk, free trial is to be considered as the best-proven sales method cloud-based modern SaaS companies can adopt. It reduces your new customer acquisition cost to an extent. Understanding and implementing the best free trial strategy for their product is hard for early-stage SaaS startups. Offering a free trial period for the software is considered to be the best strategy, even though that contains both pros and cons, I don’t want to get into that in detail.

A majority of modern SaaS products offer a free trial that varies from 7-30 days based on their sales cycle, a few offer a free trial for a small cost. It depends upon your sales strategy. Keeping the free trial period short boosts the user's urgency to be familiarised with your software. The success of your free trial strategy is relied on various reasons, the output, meaning the conversion decided whether you have a successful free trial period or not. In this blog, we are outlining the importance of users onboard during the free trial and how to make the free period more productive.

A few tips to deliver a more meaningful free trial period

  1. Make your software easy to use for first-time users: The very first tips to make the free trial period more productive and meaningful is making the software easy to use, easy to use related to two points, one is making the interface cool and well looking. Throwing too many pages or push notifications to a first-time user will create a lot of uncertainty. All you need to show them is some cool interface with limited intros to get started with. The first impression matters a lot on SaaS, if you are not keen to think about it from the user’s perspective it is hard to deliver a successful free trial campaign. All you get is a single chance, making users confused or putting them in dilemma will result in sign out and cause natural churn. All the user wants to know is what value you are delivering and how effectively you are delivering it.
  2. Show them all the features you have, do not limit: Sometimes SaaS creators design the free trial period by limiting their most effective features. If your free trial period is limited, people don’t know how strong your fundamentals are, and f they end up without using your core features, all you’re losing is a possible premium user. Instead of limiting the features, you can ask them to pay a very minute fee to use your free trial with complete features, a serious user will pay you for the core features if it is solving some serious problems for them. There are a lot of similar competitive products is listed in the SaaS market every day, so show users your core values on their first day of the free trial
  3. Don’t build too many features: These is the basic principles to scale in SaaS, seriously a software cannot solve complete problems for a user, if you believe so or proposing the same, you are going on the wrong track, the user exactly know what problem you are solving for them, proposing too many features in a single platform will end up they are not using anything. Rather than building too many features, concentrate on very relevant tiny features, m that really solve a hard job for them. If your users start using your primary features, based on relevancy and interest you can roll out more racing features later.
  4. Do not sell your software to unfit users: Selling your relevant features to the right audience is also as important as building important features. You must need a clear customer persona, even before launching the product, like said earlier you cannot solve the entire problem with your product, similarly, you cannot sell your features to the entire group of users. Limiting your product to a specific target group will help you to sell to right fit user. Selling your software to an unfit user will result in creating a negative impression and getting bad reviews on social media and public
  5. Ask their credit card, once they are ready to convert: Asking your user’s credit card or payment details even before starting with the free trial will less motivate the user to complete the signup. If you are looking for more free trial signup, with possible conversion a free trial without a credit card could be the best choice. Often people want to test the solutions even before making the final decision, adding a credit card will sometimes end up with auto deduct, even the user is not intended to do so.

Your user onboarding process must start from the free trial period itself

The free trial period is considered the best easy method to convert more prospects to premium buyers. If you are offering the free trial options, that could be your user’s first touchpoint with your product. So you might start your user onboarding process from this point instead of delivering value-driven onboarding to not only paid users. The value of your product is the first metrics that influence the user’s decision to buy our premium product. Sometimes SaaS companies will offer sufficient product onboarding support for free trial users will impact their interest to continue using it, because they are first time there in your software, you should be taken care of them.

How to make your softwares free trial period more productive_success

Let me tell you the benefit of delivering early user onboarding assistance, when your users are intended to make a buying decision, they are more likely to look for a free trial, and once they have done with the signup, a serious user will try to figure out possible steps to use the product. They will spend very limited time identifying the overall capability of your software. This period you should show that your valuable features and how to get tatted with them on a neat and tidy interface, if you won it a serious user will process to the next stage of the product life cycle.

We know that how hard it is to manage thousands of free trial signups you are getting by delivering one-one product onboarding experience. But you might find out solutions to delivering a detailed onboarding experience to your new users, without spending too much resources and effort. Manual user onboarding is hard, sometime it is very hard to follow for companies with a huge user base. You can figure out the best possible self-service user onboarding experience, that will not steal your time and effort but should deliver the user a very nice first-time experience.

How Dashfrugal can help you to make software free trials more productive

Dashfrugal is a self-service product onboarding platform build for modern SaaS companies to onboard and to deliver a first-time product experience to their free trial users. We help your product team to deliver exceptional first-time product experiences to the free trial users. You can implement various self-service options to your users on their first touchpoint, that means on your dashboard or login portal. If you are having trouble delivering one-one sales training to each free trial user, the next best choice is to make it automated. The first day is very important for both the software user and the creator, it decides whether the user will stay or leave. Every software creator will get the first-day opportunity, no matter how hard the product is to learn, with our tool you can easily showcase your important features and can navigate the users through it.

How to make your softwares free trial period more productive_value

With Dashfrugal, you can make your product experience more relevant and productive to free trial users. Without spending too much time and effort, you can showcase your product values to the free trial users. With our tool, you can deliver self-service methods like.

  • Product walkthrough: Product walkthrough can play a very important role to help the users to get started with any software. It showcases your important and relevant features to users, it delivers a product demo like experience to the users without involving a sales agent with our platform you can create various walkthroughs like a tooltip, voice navigation, contextual guidance combination of these 3 will help the users to reduce the time to value
  • Checklists and progress bar: With checklists and progress bar, the users will get an understanding of the overall product journey they need to go through to reach the final goals. With our advanced widget-based checklists, users will get a clear indication of their account statistics, and it allows the user to do multiple times even though they have done with a certain process.
  • Instant support: Most often SaaS companies forget to deliver support to their free trial users within their app, apart from emails or tickets proving on-time support boost the user’s confidence to get started. With Dashfrugal, you can support each user whenever they need the onboarding support

User onboarding is a continuous process, that needs a lot of attention. Keen to learn more in detail, We have a recorded product demo for you. Here is the link

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Do you use modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial.


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