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How to deliver a personalised 1-to-1 user onboarding experience

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Adding {First_name} token to the email and sending a welcome email is not only the user onboarding strategy. There are many more practices SaaS companies can adopt. Here we are mentioning a few of these methods

Getting personalized in marketing is not new, it is a general practice almost all marketing team used and still using. What changed from time to time is how businesses are managing a personalized in-app user experience! All set you have completed all possible marketing possibilities and started attracting ideal customers, with the software values, and with your marketing, you directed them to the website! What happened next, the user will signup for a free trial what happens next? The next and most important step is onboarding the user properly.  

This is very important to keep in mind that onboarding personalization is directly related to product activation, results show that creating more personalization and going deeper in personalized user onboarding improves the product activation rate at least 30-40 percentage. Here we are discussing few simple steps product-driven companies can adopt to create a more personalized approach in user onboarding

How to create a 1-to-1 user onboarding experience

We have a list of 4 major methods, product-driven companies use to deliver more personalized 1 to 1 user onboarding experience. 

1. Send personalized welcome messages

Of course, the first and Important step in user onboarding starts with sending a more personalized welcome email to the user after the successful account registration, nowadays most signup forms ask very little and relevant information, this data can be used to personalize the welcome message


dashfrugal email


Sending more personalized welcome email always increases the user engagement rate, which can include details like what immediate value the software is going to deliver or what problem is going to solve in fewer words. Next step can be a crucial step that creates a mind-blowing first time impressions and impact with users 

2. Give the user a warm welcome with personalization 

The easy and convenient method to create a first impression with the new users is giving them a warm welcome message that great the user with their name, there are plenty of method for this the best most famous method is creating a welcome message template or a welcome video, it could be a welcome message from CEO or could be a quick product tour 


Dashfrugal welcome video blog


Leading video hosting platform Brightcove welcome user with their name and a short welcome video that tell the users the value they are going to deliver with the software, this helps the user to get some initial understanding and put them in a state of mind that they are going to get this values soon.

Tools like Dashfrugal enable product-driven companies to create the initial welcome video along with the product tour software. Creating this is so easy by pasting the hosted video to the welcome widget


Dashfrugal video custom


3. Motivate the user to plan their success

The user has been warmly welcomed and now they know what values the software is going to deliver next is how to get the software values earlier should be their priority. Product driven companies should motivate the user to plan their success in this situation, which means they need to tell the user how to start using their software. Most of them should be curious to know how to start using specific software. Moreover, the goal of a great user onboarding is reducing the customer tension and keeping the user motivated to use the software. 

In-app product guidance and product training are the best method software providers can try during their user onboarding journey, but this should be values focused, user onboarding is not about guiding the user from one button/page to other, delivering the best in class product understating the is the prime importance in user onboarding. 


Dashfrugal workflow blog


Blindly guiding the user inside the software creates tension with user and that gradually ends up with user skipping the onboarding tour and that ends up with users stop using the software. It is very important to tell them the whole onboarding journey briefly, what are all the things they need to complete to learn the software will Crete the user to plan the onboarding time accordingly. Most of the software signup starts with a free trial and that maybe during their engaged time, blindly guiding the user with in-app create a frictionless experience and ends up with user churn. The easiest method is telling the user the whole onboarding journey like a trailer and they can plan accordingly. 

4. Deliver more personalized onboarding experience

One of the misunderstanding a few of the software providers keeping is they believe their software features are easy to learn and users will adopt this all in within first few hours of their signup, it is true that they came to certain software to get some values, but it doesn’t mean that it should be adopted very soon in the user journey. Depending upon few factors whole software life cycle may extend up to 3-4 weeks, keeping the user engaged with the software is the best strategy to increase the adoption rate, give them a regular reminder about their level of onboarding like


  1. Where they are
  2. Where they left the software
  3. When they last logged in
  4. Whats remaining in their onboarding process



Dashfrugal work flow


It is always important to remind the user of their level of success they achieved when they login to the software for next time, what percentage of total onboarding they have completed, and what are all remaining processes. They need to complete, it helps them to recollect the values and quickly and users can resume where they left. 

Softwares like dashfrugal enable software providers to create an easy and effective in-app walkthrough and product training which is more value-focused, which creates a great first impression within the user and that gradually improves the user retention rate. 

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