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5 effective Ways to attract more customers to your SaaS Business

Aswathy Krishnakumar


A business can survive for a longer period only if it has a good and loyal customer base. Simply put, a business revolves around its customers. Acquiring new customers is not something that happens overnight, It takes months, or at times years to get consistent and loyal customers for any business, Once a business gets successful in acquiring the right customers, half of the work is done. The next crucial half lies in taking necessary steps to ensure that they stay within the business for a longer period thereby achieving their goals and values.

With so many new businesses coming into existence, it can be a very challenging task to attract as well as retain new customers to a particular niche. Finding out different methods to attract customers is a very crucial task and if a business fails to so, it won’t be able to remain successful in the market.

Here are a few effective ways to attract more customers to your business

1. Knowing your Customers


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Identifying the right customer for your business is very essential. Having an in-depth understanding of who your customers are, what are the values/goals they are seeking and their profile will help in providing them with exact services. This is also going to help a business is developing strategies and plans that are suitable for different groups of customers

Building an ideal customer persona /profile will help in making it easier to identify or target the right users. It is one of the basic steps that must be considered before going ahead with further steps, Without having any knowledge about the customers, it will be difficult to make them satisfied. Every customer is unique, so are their needs. Also, what works for one customer might not work for another. Therefore is it essential to identify the potential users by setting goals based on the number of customers to be acquired, what are the different channels that could be used (Social media, referrals, other sources ), etc.

2. Create Useful Contents

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Creating useful and knowledgeable content on areas that are of interest to the public is yet another method to attract new users to your business.

Content Marketing can also help in attracting new users The audience will be always keen on knowing more about a business and the benefits and values offered by them. Writing content that educates the customers is can bring in new customers for any business. It can be made available in the form of blogs. Educational emails or podcasts too

Creating great content not only helps in getting more likes and clicks but also adds to building a trustworthy relationship with your customer. The major goal here should be to showcase the values and benefits offered by a brand/business.

3. Providing Offers, Discounts, or referrals

Giving away something beneficial for your customers is yet another effective method to entice new customers. People always love to get things for free rather than paying a price for it. Bringing in discounts o offers is a great method to attract more users to a concern.

For example, in the case of software and subscription-based services, offering a free trial is considered to be as beneficial as it can help the users in assessing whether particular software is the best fit for them. Similarly, various e-commerce platforms like Nykaa, Amazon, Purple, etc offer discounts or goodies for new users who sign up with their platform.

The Referral program also works as existing customers can bring in more new users with a positive mouth. Offers that gives benefits for both the parties, i,e the existing user and the new customers is the best Referral program. For example, rewarding the existing user for each referral that he makes as well as providing a certain percentage of discounts for new users is more beneficial.

4. Social Media Presence


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The importance of social media in attracting new customers is undeniable. Customers will be most active on the social media platform. It can be used to influence your customers and building strong bonds with them. It is also being used for effective marketing.

Engaging with customers through different methods like polls contests, or posting relevant content and trends about the business is beneficial for businesses. Using different keywords and hashtags that are relevant to the business can help in getting a wider reach. Listening to the feedback from the audience and responding to them is also crucial. It creates an impression among users that the concern is open for feedbacks and opinions from the customer. Finding out potential customers for any business is quite a challenging task. But by adopting the right methods, researching the customer persona, giving them the right services, and keeping them engaged with the business can help in getting more customers. Businesses have to try different ways that are suitable for them which will enable them to find more customers easily.

5. Support customers with their goals

Helping customers in achieving their goals is necessary to retain them for the long term. Providing exceptional customer care is a must. People always love to be looked after by someone as it will give them a feeling of having someone to monitor and help them in their journey to attain the desired goal.

It is very necessary to create a good impression with customers. If they have got any negative experience, they might start looking for other available options whereas positive experiences will induce them to give a positive word of mouth thereby helping in more customers into a business. It takes just one negative experience to lose a customer. This shows the importance of having an exceptional customer service.


Softwares like Dashfrugal enable software providers to create an easy and effective in-app walkthrough and product training which is more value-focused, which creates a great first impression within the user and that gradually improves the user retention rate. 


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