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Dashfrugal announces 110% increase in new business revenue in 2021

Image of Alex Leandar John
Alex Leandar John

Dashfrugal a new age digital user onboarding platform for SaaS businesses is proud to announce a 110% increase from new businesses within the first 2 months of 2021, and it is targeted to focus on the same growth for the remaining quarters in 2021.

People understanding the importance of cutting down the unwanted spending, The pandemic time gave us a very important lesson. Most of the business understanding the importance of digital transformation in user onboarding as well. Even though most of the businesses are in process of this transformation COVID-19 severally catalyzed this. The importance of converting more users to paid users and reducing the user churn to an extent could be the best possible method to overcome the crisis business faced during the pandemic period.

The introduction of digital user onboarding drastically improved the software user’s feature adoption rate and that what resulted in the user is achieving the values faster and been converted to paid users. Also, the digital user onboarding along with traditional methods enabled software users to understand the boost in their software user's productivity rate. Managing user onboarding manually is not economically viable when your user base expanding. It requires a lot of time and money to manage user onboarding along with product training, as effective product training is mandatory to keep software users for a long time with your business. We have unveiled a combination of digital onboarding methods with traditional in-app user navigation methods, the results show that this worked well and our user benefiting from it.

A few of our key aspects include

  • Significantly reduced the user onboarding cost for our users, about 60%
  • Managed 525,000+ end-user onboarding session in less than 3 months

We have witnessed an amazing growth in our revenue for the last few months compared to pandemic situation, this indicates people are adopting digital adoption technologies faster compared to the last year” Rahul VP, Co-founder of Dashfrugal said in a statement

We are looking forward to a few more innovative features, that will be part of our product in the next few months, that will helps you to deliver a better user experience and productivity boost.


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