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5 reason why you need a self-service user onboarding tool for SaaS?

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When you’re brewing a coffee from a vending machine or drawing money from an ATM, all you’re doing is nothing but self-service. You are not waiting for someone to brew the coffee or to withdraw money, you are doing it alone and you are doing it fast and accurately. Imagine when you are going to a bank instead of using an ATM to draw money, you need to spend a lot of time to get things done. Same time the bank is also deploying an employee to help disburse money for you. A lot of effort and time was involved in this.

Similarly, when it comes to the Software as a service(SaaS) model, the customer onboarding process plays a vital role in the overall user experience. For both software providers and for the users, the user onboarding process is helpful and beneficial. Having a poor user onboarding strategy and method will leave the user bare-handed and will force them to rethink, and will choose the best alternative product. Well, onboarded users are the base of any successful SaaS business. The ultimate aim of any onboarding process is to make the users give a good start. They will become experts by using it frequently but giving a kick-ass first-time experience is the foundation to the product pro or expert. Once the user got that first-time experience, it is easy to achieve the product values.

Very interestingly you don’t need a lot of salespeople or product consultants to help the users to get started like before. Peoples are more product-centric and technology-centric nowadays, the old school sales calls are likely to be outdated very soon, and people will stick to product-led experience

What is self-service in SaaS?

Self-service is the new normal, product-led growth method software providers can execute to scale their business. In self-service user onboarding methods, the product plays a vital role instead of salespeople. A self-service product demo is a modern way where the user itself demonstrates the product themselves by using the product in a defined format. A self-service product demo in SaaS provides a proper first-time product experience to your prospects within the app or software, with this users can ensure they are exploring the software themselves, you are saving a ton.

5 reason why you need a self-service user onboarding tool for SaaSc

A growing stage SaaS company increases their sales team strengths when they grow, to deliver manual first-time product experience to the users. Managing the free trial user’s onboarding manuals could be an ever-ending process. When website visitors turned to free trial signup, they are still in the very early stage. A free trial signup never guarantees anything. Let us wait till they tuned to a product fit user. How we can decide the user is a product fit or not? When you drive an audience to your website, there were misleading keyword searches and people will offend misunderstood, and signup for their account on your website.

If you directly get into sales calls and determining, they are looking for something else, where your product cannot offer! More likely you wasted an hour even before giving the first level of product understanding. Self-service product demonstration is the best option to deliver a great product experience, which helps the users to evaluate the product fit, also helps you to saves a lot of effort and time, which can be utilized for the product fit users.

How you are benefiting from self-service onboarding?

In most cases, self-service demos are within the app, where the users can decide whether they are getting the proposed values if they haven't received the values. it is easy for both users and providers where they lose zero effort. A self-service product demo helps the free trial users to adopt the features easily that catalyze their road to product values. Also, it helps SaaS creators to save their effort and time on unfit user onboarding

5 reason why you need a self-service user onboarding tool for SaaSd.

  • More effectiveness in user onboarding
    Humans are prone to errors and a lot of factors that decide the success of when you manage the one-one sales demos. It clearly depends on salesperson efficiency when they are directly interacting with the users. With a self-service tool, you can deliver a more prominent and consistent first-time product experience to the users.
  • You will spend less and gain more

    When you're going for one-one sales meetings instead of one too many, you will spend more. You need to pay top your sales geeks and you need infrastructure to maintain the remote meetings. Self-service allows you to deliver the first layer of user-product onboarding automatically and can ensure you are dealing with serious software users only. 

  • You’ll not worry so much

    One-one sessions are always uncertain, there are chances to convert, likewise, there are chances not to convert. When you implement self-service to your users, you are less likely to worry about the conversion. With self-service

5 reasons why you need a self-service user onboarding tool for SaaS?

Why you need to build a self-service user onboarding strategy for your SaaS business. Good question, You are more likely moving in the opposite direction. Either you may be trying one-one sales calls to help your software users to get started. You contacting them via emails and setting up calls to discuss the integration. Or else, you may not be doing this, but attracting people to signup for the free trial and leaving them to learn themselves, and trying your luck in the conversion. Both methods are hard and less preferred by modern software users. Self-service user onboarding could be a better option at this stage. Here are the top 5 reasons, why you need to have a self-service onboarding strategy for your SaaS.

5 reason why you need a self-service user onboarding tool for SaaSb

  1. Deliver greatest product experience

    Instead of delivering a one-one session, a user gets a better and deeper product experience when they trying and learning things by doing. Where you are implementing an assisted self-service user onboarding process, the user can try learning and performing actions, without third person assistance, that enhances the user's confidence and deliver a clear understanding of the product when a sales agent explaining the features and users are less likely to listen to the whole story and leads to mussing important information.
  2. Easy to manage sales growth

    if you are a growing stage software company want to scale as fast as possible. One-on-one sales calls can be a barrier. Self-service product training allows SaaS businesses to concentrate more on sales and ultimately business growth. A self-service product demo helps the free trial users to adopt the features easily that catalyze their road to product value can lead to early trial to premium conversion. All you need is the right users need to understand the values and need to be converted to a paid user.
  3. Constant accuracy in product demos:

    The success of a one-one product demo clearly relies on the expertise of a sales rep and that may get varied, based on the sales rep's mood. But a self-service product demo ensures the same accuracy in each demo session if we defined it in a properly structured format, there are chances of network connectivity or other technical issues if you are managing a remote sales demo. When you’re going for a self-service user onboarding, it can ensure equal quality and accuracy in each automated demo session

  4. Saving a lot of time and money

    All you need is the user need to retain the value and need to convert to a paid user for long period. When you grow your business, there is a definite chance to limit unwanted spendings. One-on-one sales calls are expensive and demand a lot of effort. When you are going for a self-service product demo you will save a lot of time and money, where self-service demos are automated and it doesn’t demand and any constant effort from your sales teams.
  5. Easy to identify the product fit user

    This is a super important reason, a SaaS company needs a self-service user onboarding process. People will signup or sometimes pay for your software for a long period upfront, without understanding the product values sometimes. There were a number of users who are unfit for your software, Unfit users raise their voice in public against the product and that ruins your credibility. A self-service tool allows the prospects to understand whether the product is a perfect fit for them or not. It helps them to avoid the uncertainty of paying for something that they are not looking for. Once you identified your ideal users, you can easily convert them to the premium.

When you are implementing a self-service strategy for your software users, all you need to keep in mind is that you need a better strategy, and a proper tool to help the users to person-assisted self-service onboarding. You’ll get only a single chance to convince the user, so select a proper tool and design your self-service method effectively.

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