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4 Major Benefits of Having an Effective Customer Onboarding Process

Aswathy Krishnakumar


Customer experience is one of the most crucial factors that determine the success of any business. This matters more in the case of SaaS firms because it is very much necessary to deliver the values quickly as when a customer stats using a software. Having an excellent Onboarding process is a must to keep the customers happy and retain within the business for the long term.

Customer onboarding is a process that begins as soon as a user signs up for a product and it continues even after all his goals and values are attained. It is not a one-time process that should come to an end once the user has attained his first success. A well-organized customer onboarding is one that can guide its users throughout their entire journey, helping them to reach their desired goals during their early onboarding days.

Why is User Onboarding so Important?

It's a well-known fact that onboarding sets the base for the future relationship that a user will be having with a product. Especially in the case of SaaS firms, the first-time experience that the user goes through right from the time when he signs up for the product is very crucial in retaining them as loyal customers.

Happy customers tend to continue using the product for a long time and it will also be easy in converting such users to paid customers since they have already experienced the values that the product can offer. User onboarding plays a very big role in ensuring that people get a better and satisfied experience with the product as they progress through their journey to attain their desired goals.

Here are 4 major benefits of having an effective Customer Onboarding Process.

1. Helps in educating users thereby retaining them

The ultimate aim for every SaaS business to ensure that the users can learn faster about a product eventually leading them to stay with the business for a long period. Having a well-designed onboarding process will help the users to learn and get expertise in the product during their early days .Onboarding is the first step that aims in educating the users about how a product works, its features and benefits, and what are the values it can provide them. The onboarding process should be built in the simplest way possible.

If a customer finds it easier to use a product when compared to the others, then he will be more likely to turn to a paid user, otherwise, he might start searching for other similar offerings within the market. Customers are willing to pay more for great services that meets their needs. If a user is happy and satisfied, he will not think twice for being a premium /paid user, thereby increasing the customer retention rate.

The following image shows an example of the Dashfugal digital onboarding widget.

Benefits 2.png

Here, the entire onboarding process is broken down into smaller steps which will help the end-user to learn and understand about software, easily within the first few days of the learning process, thereby enabling them to be an expert in the product. It allows the user to progress at his own pace reducing any kind of friction during his learning process.

2. Helps in improving Product Adoption faster

A well-planned user onboarding process can improve the overall Product adoption. It's quite common for a product to introduce new features and functions for meeting the specific user needs. To make the users more familiarized with these newly introduced features, the onboarding solutions provide various interactive methods or video guided tours which will help users in adopting the product easily.

The best way to teach users about a product is by letting them do things on their own. Self-onboarding can help the users in understanding the product on their own thereby helping them to be an expert. One of the most useful methods to facilitate this learning process is by making use of guided walkthrough within the onboarding process. As this can direct and navigate the users though the different tasks/steps while he is using the product.

Benefits 3.png-1

3, Reduces Customer Support costs

User onboarding tools helps in reducing customer support costs significantly. A well-equipped user onboarding flow will help the users in progressing in their journey by guiding them, providing useful tips to make their learning process easier thereby reducing the interference from the support agents. A vast majority of the customers prefer to try and learn about a product on their own first before reaching out to the customer support teams.

Modern onboarding solutions are designed in a manner wherein there is comparatively less human intervention required. Users can learn about the product easily with help of video tutorials, tooltips, etc. These digital onboarding tools assist users in their journey to make their journey smooth and less complicated.

4. Helps in  increasing the customer engagement rates

An effective onboarding process can not only help the users in achieving their goals but also increase their satisfaction levels. When the end-users are happy and satisfied, it will naturally make them to engage more with the software. When onboarding is one in the right manner, it will help in boosting user engagement.


Benefits 4.png.jpg

For example, providing in-app support along with onboarding can improve the engagement rates, as the uses can seek help while they are learning the product. In-app support can also reduce the time within which a user has to wait for the response from the support teams. Software’s like Dashfrugal provides the benefit of real time in-app messaging which will help in boosting the user engagement rates. By making use of the ‘Get Help’ option in the onboarding widget( in the image), customers can get instant help and support and they can feel more engaged within the product

Final Thoughts

An ideal onboarding process is one that is committed to delivering the value that it has promised. Ultimately, pleasing the customers and motivating them to retain within a business is what matters for every entity. Therefore, having a great onboarding process is inevitable if a business wants to remain successful in this competitive era.


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