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4 easy methods to make free trial user's product training effective

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Product knowledge training is an effective and proven method to scale your software sales. You value your users a lot, constantly working hard to strive for their demands. You speaking to them, launching new features and making existing better. But still, if you witnessing the user churn rate like earlier you must reassess where is the real problem exists. You are giving everything to crate product demand and spending a lot of money to market your software, so the return of investment is a much-needed one.

When you are giving so much importance to marketing and sales actives and is not intuitive for product training for software users or not providing training materials at easily accessible places, you users are not most likely to spent hours to manage a self onboarding or product awareness, they are more likely to churn. If you are not showing an enthusiasm to onboarding to deliver product training in the free trial period, your users are also using the software less and less and tend to churn in the first few days itself

If you want to convert more and more free trial users to premium and want to keep them for a long period you must provide product training with relevancy and the right place at right time.

Why product training is important?

Nobody wants to spend too much time until it offers that much return of investment to them similarly a very few software users have time and the mentality to sit hours to learn your whole software feature adoption steps. About 70% of users will abandon or postpone their account setting activities if they are uncomfortable or have not sufficient supporting contents to complete the software learning or account setup process. Even software sales are also at high competition nobody will write you an email asking product support to get started with. As a SaaS creator, it is only for responsibility to keep users engaged with your product. There are too many alternatives available nobody will spend their time on something that grabs a lot of time and effort.

By understanding your software user's needs and your level of complexity to adopt the features, you should craft a set of user onboarding and product training methods and materials. You should ensure the first-time users are using your software effortlessly and confidently. To get maximum out of your product training is always better to deliver it very earlier, a user signup for a free trial to understand the values, so they are desperate to know how you are delivering it, so deliver the product training first day itself to improve the engagement.

Importance of product training during the free trial

The free trial has been used early since the cloud-based solutions are in place, it attracted a large group of audience to software segments. People want to get a proper answer on what is their ROI before investing their time in something. A free trial helped the end-users to understand the product offering and values before getting into a long-term commitment. On Other hand, free trials helped SaaS companies also, it helped them to attract a large audience and helped to find the right fit for their product.

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What happens when your prospects turned into free trial users? Suddenly you send emails to welcome the user and the user gradually redirected to your portal. The very first thing the users will look for is how to get started with your software. Users are always half-minded and looking for a user to churn. All they look at in the first load is what you have done for them to proceed with. Product training during the free trial is the best method to keep the users engaged, it enhances user's adoption level and increases confidence in your product. A few SaaS companies intentionally ignore delivering product training during the free trial, this might be a reason for the user churn.

4 easy methods to help trial users to get most of your training

Product training is the basis of any successful SaaS conversion strategy. If you are really keen on keeping your trial users for a long period as premium users, you must provide proper product training. Here are easy some tips to make your software users are getting the full value of your product training.

  1. Concentrate on software values

    Most of the time product training went wrong is mainly because you are not concentrating on core values, instead, you are explaining your features to the users, how to get started with that, etc, the users want to know what values you brought to them. What value they are getting using your product instead of your competitor. Some create long and lengthy get-started pages on their dashboard and put the user under pressure. Nobody wants to read lengthy content, people find laziness when doing this stuffs if these tasks are not super mandatory for them. It is your primary responsibility and needs to keep the user engaged with your product. It doesn’t matter what methods you have using to deliver product training, but make sure your method is focused on product core values instead of playing with features

  2. Keep it short and accessible

    We need to keep in mind that we are delivering product training to someone who is completely unaware of the product and its values. If we brought them lengthy materials, there is a chance for people to skip these sessions. Even though you have lengthy steps a user needs to execute at a certain level, try to break it down into sets and subsets, so people will get the feel of completing their task done. When you make training materials in form of knowledge base docs, get started pages or even videos try to keep all these materials in an easily accessible location. The best place where you can keep all these is where users log in to manage their tasks. When you host all the training guides outside the app, there is a problem of redirecting the user to outside the app, sometimes the chance for users will get distracted and abort the training process.

  3. Use examples

    Concentrating on the product values doesn’t mean that you should avoid describing your features. Features pals a lead role and, features help users to perform actions. Instead of simply demonstrating the feature you can use real examples to get started with your features, which means you can show an example of a user archiving a result by managing that particular feature, it might be a recorded video or image. When you sing hosted examples, people can revisit and utilize the examples.

  4. Use a proper user onboarding tool

    User onboarding and product training is correlated in SaaS. When onboarding a new user you simultaneously managing the product training. In other words, user onboarding is the sum of product training along with the first user activity. A well-structured user onboarding tool always beneficial to both the service provider and the end-user. It associates all the activities a user needs to execute to get started with the software. Most prospects signup with your software for are very first time and a proper user onboarding tool can guide them to success. Many onboarding methods are available for SaaS to onboard their users to deliver product training. A few famous methods are one-one product training, guided tooltip product tour, and self-service user onboarding tools. All these methods have their own unique value propositions and drawbacks.

    Self-service is the modern methods SaaS creators offer to their trial signup, It is not economically viable to manage one-one product training to each trial signup when you grow, even though trial signup is an opportunity it doesn’t ensure the chance of converting the user to premium, product training is one parameter to convert the user. When you grow from 10-1000 trial signup, it is too hard to establish a direct product training process. Product-led growth methods make SaaS companies capable to put their product upfront and it works as the face of their business. Self-service onboarding tools ensure your users are getting adequate onboarding training that is of the same quality even though you want to manage 1000 active product training at a time.

    Self-service product training severely reducing the product training cost and effort SaaS creators waste unnecessarily, when you deliver one-one product demo to each trial user, imagine how many sessions you need to host, and does it guarantee the user will pay for your service once the free trial ends. Self-service user onboarding tools have the capability to monitor the account progress of each trial signup, this helps the SaaS creators to support the users when they required to.

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