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4 core feature of Dashfrugal that makes your onboarding super easy

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User onboarding and product training are the crucial part of SaaS business success. If you onboarded your new users in the proper manner, they are more likely to subscribe for a long term and you can retain them easily. Same time if you fail to onboard and deliver the product values earlier, it is hard to retain them as there won’t be a second opportunity to onboard them in most cases. SaaS companies are trying and executing a lot of methods in user onboarding, sometimes that helps and sometimes they may lose users due to the ineffective user onboarding process. User onboarding is the process that starts from the point where your the users decided to signup for a free trial, and all the process which you do to manage this user may be called user onboarding, and that must be proper and should align with the nature of your software.

What is the connection between onboarding and product training?

User onboarding and traduce training are not similar, but product training is one of the crucial parts of the user onboarding process. More likely user onboarding ends up where the user is able to execute defined action and can attain the values without any assistance from a support agent or a knowledge base. You may have your own user onboarding process and still, any one of your users is raising a concern about how to complete a particular task, your onboarding process needs a remap. Delivering product training is not a hassle process if you have proper tools and materials where the users can get start with the process in their initial load. Most of the users are not familiar with your product in their first load, and that creates a lot of uncertainties with the user and if you haven’t a better

the onboarding process, that uncertainty leads the user to rethink and to move away to your competitor product. Once the user is been welcomed and getting ready to set up your software according to their needs, at this moment the users will for support/assistance if they are unable to manage the process on their own. Product training can in form of one product demo via remote tools, it can be via knowledge base or hosted video tutorial, etc, the aim is to make the user get started with their onboarding process.

Most of the modern software users are proffering digital guidance in form of product training than one on one session, here comes the importance of user onboarding software. Here we are discussing a few core features of Dashfrugal that make the end user’s onboarding process and product training super easy and effective.

1. Contextual guidance

Most of the modern software users prefer to learn the process by doing, so a few of the free trial users prefer to manage their onboarding themselves. It is the modern way of using context, in the specially designed manner of what the user is doing to navigate them to achieve their desired result. With contextual guidance the end user received dedicated training within a widget, that is well sufficient to complete a self-learning practice, most often contextual guidance is used to help a first-time app or software users to get used to the platform.

Dashfrugal feature1

Usually, contextual guidance happens within a mobile application or web-based software, with some relevant information delivering to the end-user accordingly where they are and what they need to complete.

2. Guided product tour-Tool tip guidance

Tooltip guidance aka guided product tour is an ever time favorite in-app guidance method that enhances self onboarding by ensuring the users are progressing within the applications. Normally indicators or tooltips are used to guide the first-time users, which will help them to complete the overall task in a very short time.

Dashfrugal feature2

Within Dashfrugal’s guided tour we have ensured your users are not just pressing the next button without completing the specified task to improves the task completion rate. Once the user completing each task within the app system will measure the user progress level. The key advantage of this guided tour is, it can be restart any time later if the user wants to continue the onboarding process.

Tooltip guidance is considered to be the best method to navigate the user within the app, it gives users a clear vision of the work order, how they need to progress within the app. Once the user starts progressing they may forget all the lessons you teach them. Guided tooltips are super helpful in these circumstances.

3. Video-example and knowledge base

Most of the time the training materials like a knowledge base or video examples are outside the application, create a chance of taking the user's attention during the onboarding process, these features enable your users to view and manage the training materials within the application. Creating the video knowledge bases is so easy with Dashfrugal, all you need to do is give the corresponding training video in the widget on the specified location, users can view the videos during their onboarding process

Dashfrugal feature3

4. Real-time in-app support

Most of the time, we are misjudging the software users and limiting the support post the user onboarding process. Most users are first time with your product and it is hard to manage all the activities on the first day, even though you have all the above features to help to onboard and educate them. Most of the users stuck somewhere during the onboarding and intent to get support within the app regarding the onboarding

Dashfrugal feature4-1

In-app messaging is the modern method that allows product-driven especially SaaS companies to communicate with their users within their mobile or web applications. In-app messaging is the easiest and economical way to engage software users

Most of the modern user onboarding software may include all these or most of the features. To make the user onboarding super cool, all these killing features are necessary. It boosts user confidence and helps them to be a pro in the first day of signup.

Softwares like Dashfrugal enable software providers to create an easy and effective in-app walkthrough and product training which is more value-focused, which creates a great first impression within the user and that gradually improves the user retention rate. 


Do you use a modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial.





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