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3 easy step to reinvent 1:1 user onboarding and product training

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If customer success is the key to SaaS business growth then user onboarding and product training are the foundation of it. Agree? Effective user onboarding and product training keep the user productive from day 1 and helps them to adopt any software features easily to lead the user to a premium user even within their free trial period. Almost all SaaS products are feature-oriented, which means software providers are delivering certain values through their features.

What happens when prospects converted to a SQL(sales qualified leads)? most times even before the user onboarding and trial account activation software providers tend to setup pre signup product demo over a one-to-one interaction between a sales rep and the user. Most case the sales rep start explaining the ever ended software features and put the user under dilemma. Software reps are so enthusiastic to explain their product features to a new user even before the user gets familiarise with the app or software, which may extend hours.

Importance of product training in modern SaaS business

Effective user onboarding along with product training is an integral part of SaaS business success. Softwares are aiming to solve certain problems or to deliver some values through features, so product training is mandatory to convert the more free trial user to premium. A perfectly crafted product training session reduces the time to success as it reduces the friction between the manual feature adoption. You value your users and ultimately your marketing effort, so you are constantly trying the most possible things to keep your users using your product, what is the best choice, Deliver them proper product training.

When a software platform is not inherent to their users and necessary software training documents or materials are not readily accessible modern software users are not going to do a self product training to keep using the product, they are most likely to sign out and find out alternative products in the market. So if you want to keep your users for the long term and want to make sure they are getting the entire benefits as you promised you should give them proper product training

Here are the 3 easy steps to reinvent 1:1 product training and user onboarding

Most of your first-time users are less aware of your software, some may know the value you may deliver, when they signup for your free trial, most of the time they don’t know how to get started where to get started, that’s why it is important that you educate or train these users in any way, it could be a one to one demo or a recorded demo video otherwise it can be step by step instructions well. Whatever the methods you have implemented or going ti implement here are some tips to make it more effective


Dashfrugal onboarding manual


1. Cut your meeting time to 15-20 minutes

Video conference always creates fatigues, have you ever able to concentrate on a webinar, product demo that lasts more than 30 minutes. An extended demo creates a negative than a positive experience, Not only for the user also for your sales reps, who may be setting up multiple remote product demo/training to users. Keeping the training or demo short Cretes more engagement, most first time users are not interested to listen to your stories or your entire features even in the first touch itself.

Instead of 30 minutes 1:1 product demo reduce it or shorten it to 20 minutes and focus more on I portent features that the user needs to learn or adapt initially to get started with your app or software. While you are explaining the features for more than 30 minutes there is a high chance of people lost their concentration and miss important features. Another advantage of shorting the 1:1 training time is that reduces the pressure on your sales reps as well.

2. Demonstrate the most important feature

As mentioned earlier, it is hard to learn the entire software features in a training or demo call, it may take hours or days to learn the entire features and start getting the values. If you tried to educate the user in entire features in a single day it will keep them overwhelmed and ends up not using any single features. Instead of training the user in your complete feature, get started with the top important and the first feature that they need to learn to start using your product.

Once they learned that particular feature then you can set up another 1;1 session to training them on the consecutive features. This strategy will definitely help you to improve the user’s feature adoption rate and customer satisfaction.

3. Go digital-Make training within the app

Digital in-app product training is the most advanced user onboarding method modern SaaS companies can implement to deliver exceptional product training to their end-users. Digital product training is the in-app implementation method that creates a lot of user engagement, most users like to learn things by doing, the only intention of any kind of onboarding or training method is assisting the user to complete a self onboarding aka training.

Digital in-app product training software generally helps end-user to learn more about the overall training journey they need to go through this enable them to plan the whole onboarding time they need to spend. Digital in-app training software like Dashfrugal allows the software provider to subdivide the whole onboarding into tasks and sub-tasks.

Comparing to tooltip product tours digital in-app training enhances user confidence to complete the process within a very limited time. Digital in-app training acts like a knowledge base where the users can access anytime to learn things it includes the option of setting up tutorial lessons, step-by-step integration process, guidance videos, etc. that enhance the user activity with the application.


Softwares like Dashfrugal enable software providers to create an easy and effective in-app walkthrough and product training which is more value-focused, which creates a great first impression within the user and that gradually improves the user retention rate. 


Do you use a modern digital user onboarding software? See how your customer onboarding&in-app training can be easier. Start your Dashfrugal free trial.



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